Southwestern Illinois Asthma Coalition
Below is a list of services in Illinois Metro East area that may be of assistance to people caring for or suffering with asthma.
  1. Prescription Assistance
    Call (314)645-2422 ext. 5 to talk with the Asthma & Allergy Foundation's asthma coach. We assist people under the age of 22 pay for asthma and allergy medications.
  2. Home Visit
    For a FREE trigger assessment and cleaning kit call (618)482-6959 to set up an appointment. A health professional will examine the home and look for ways to improve ones asthma.
  3. Asthma Clinic
    Set up an appointment with asthma specialists at the We Care Clinic located on the 2nd floor of Building D, Suite 2015 of SIUE East St. Louis Campus. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, most insurances or private pay.
  4. Asthma Hotline
    Talk to trained nurses and lung therapists about any asthma questions you might have by calling Lung Helpline at (800)586-4872.
  5. Emotional Support
    American Lung provides a community for people living with asthma and other lung diseases and their caregivers. There are local or online options.
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